The Color Tour Podcast with ICA's Warren Eagles

I met up with ICA’s one and only, Warren Eagles for the first ever in person ‘Color Tour Podcast’ since Covid was a thing!


We discussed all things grading from when I was an 18 year old knocking on the Post Houses in Soho looking for a job as a runner, grading my first ever short film at Air Post, to opening up my own boutique studio and everything in between.

Check out the podcast on the link below to hear all about our lovely chat in Leigh-on-Sea’s Peterboat and find out what is next in my Post-Production journey.


Featured below in this blog are some images from throughout different points in my career – You can also view my current showreel here.

Right back to the beginning of my career at The Mews, I was a runner training/shadowing with Alex Gascoigne on my lunch break using Nucoda

Grading my first few short films at Air Post as a Runner after hours. Also my first experience using DaVinci Resolve, Mr Adrian Brindle, Chris Gilgunn and Youtube tutorials taught me a lot!

Working as an Assistant Colourist to Dado Valentic at MyTherapy – first time seeing your name in the credits of a feature film is very cool!

After working as a Dailies Colourist at Technicolor and working closely with Peter Doyle at Pinewood Studios, I went freelance and had to dry-hire suites in London before I had the equipment at home to grade or open up my own place

I then secured my own studio, Author Colour and graded from there and was lucky enough to be acknowledged by industry magazines such as Kitplus, Televisual and Definition Magazine

I recently rebranded to Saku Productions and jazzed up to studio but unfortunately due to Covid I’m back to working remotely and dry-hiring but there is an exciting future ahead and I can’t wait to share my adventure with you all

Hope you enjoy the Color Tour Podcast


Thank you everyone for sharing this journey with me so far


Rebecca x