colour grading with rebecca goodeve

Returning to client attended Colour Grading sessions post-lockdown

The sun is shining, Author Productions brand new Colour Grading studio’s door is open, I’m fully vaccinated and awaiting for my first client attended session since the pandemic hit! Excited is an understatement.


I’ve missed working with people at the suite so badly! I love how creativity can bounce around the room and I feel that is really reflected in the work produced. I’m personally pushed to go far beyond where I may have naturally taken a picture and experiment more with looks as I have more time by receiving feedback immediately (it is absolutely golden!).

I love to have a really in-depth chat with the creatives about the story from scene to scene as I’m colour grading as it’s always in far more detail than that watching the film on my own or reading the synopsis. I can really pick the brain of directors, cinematographers, producers, whoever comes and sits in the dark with me. I can grasp an awesome understanding which allows me to really delve in and enhance the story with the grade and evoke viewers emotions in a way that will leave an impactful impression.

Stills featured from short film ‘Dress Up’, in the grading suite with me were creatives Sara Chia-Jewell and Antonis Papamichael.

I’m quite often greeted with “sorry I don’t know the colour grading lingo”, but that’s the best bit about colour grading for me… it’s art, just express how you feel with words and don’t worry about being technical and we will get there together. There is no right or wrong and everyone sees colour differently.


Please don’t be afraid to ask if you can attend the grade, I would love the company and always prefer you were there! Leigh-on-Sea is also beautiful when the sun is shinning and the pubs across the road will give Soho a run for their money – these ones come with a sea view.

Colour grading with rebecca goodeve

Looking forward to welcoming you all back, old and new clients


Rebecca x